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Take Your Skills to the Next Level: Essentials of Oral Surgery Hands-On Cadaver Course - May 6-7

If you're looking to take your dental skills to the next level, look no further than the Essentials of Oral Surgery Hands-On Cadaver Course. This two-day course, taking place in Melbourne on May 6th and 7th, is designed to give dentists a hands-on approach to essential oral surgery techniques.

essentials of oral surgery hands on cadaver course

With a strong focus on socket grafting, this course provides dentists with a unique opportunity to practice a range of techniques that will help improve their surgical skills and confidence.

Not only will attendees walk away with practical experience, but they will also receive 14 CPD points. Registrations are open now, and seats are filling fast.

What We Will Cover in This Must-Attend Course for Dentists Wanting to Level-Up Their Oral Surgery Techniques

With the Essentials of Oral Surgery Hands-On Cadaver Course, dentists will gain practical experience and improve their surgical skills and confidence. And with a focus on socket grafting, attendees will learn the latest techniques in this essential area of oral surgery.

Here's what we'll cover in this two-day oral surgery course for dentists:

  • Raising full-thickness flaps: Attendees will learn how to raise full-thickness flaps and can also practice split-thickness or any other flap design they wish.

  • The ABCs of OPGs: The course will cover the basics of OPGs, including interpretation and diagnosis.

  • Suturing techniques: Dentists will learn a range of suturing techniques that can be used for different types of procedures.

  • Sectioning and removal of molars-Maxillary and Mandibular: The course will cover the sectioning and removal of molars in both the maxillary and mandibular regions.

  • Bone guttering techniques: Attendees will learn how to use bone guttering techniques for effective surgical results.

  • Atraumatic Extractions: This technique is designed to minimize tissue damage during extractions, and attendees will learn how to perform it effectively.

  • Exploratory anatomy and local anaesthesia techniques: This session will cover anatomy and the latest local anaesthesia techniques, providing dentists with a comprehensive understanding of this essential aspect of oral surgery.

  • OAC Repair - buccal fat pad advancement: Dentists will learn how to perform oral-antral communications repair using buccal fat pad advancement.

  • Introduction to the science and hands-on of socket grafting for ridge preservation: This session will provide attendees with an introduction to socket grafting, including the science behind it and a hands-on demonstration of the technique.

The Importance of Oral Surgery Courses for Dentists

As an educated dentist, you play a crucial role in oral health care, and your skills are vital for maintaining and restoring the health and functionality of the teeth and gums of your patients.

While general dental practice covers a broad range of procedures, including routine cleanings and cavity fillings, there are certain situations where advanced skills and knowledge are necessary to perform more complex procedures, such as oral surgery.

Attending courses like the Essentials of Oral Surgery Hands-On Cadaver Course, hosted by experienced guest speakers Dr Adrian DeAngelis and Dr Karrar Bohren, can help dentists learn the latest techniques and best practices in this field.

So why should you attend?

  1. Increased Skill Set: Oral surgery courses provide dentists with the opportunity to learn and develop advanced surgical techniques, allowing them to perform more complex procedures with greater confidence and accuracy.

  2. Improved Patient Outcomes: With a greater skill set and knowledge base, dentists can provide their patients with more comprehensive care and better outcomes, leading to higher patient satisfaction rates.

  3. Reduced Risk of Complications: Advanced training in oral surgery helps dentists to reduce the risk of complications during procedures, which can improve patient safety and reduce the risk of legal issues.

  4. Stay Ahead of Competitors: With the dental industry becoming increasingly competitive, attending courses like the Essentials of Oral Surgery Hands-On Cadaver Course can give dentists an edge in their profession, allowing them to offer a wider range of services and attract more patients.

Don't Miss Out On The Essentials Of Oral Surgery Hands-On Course - Register Today!

Dentists who attend courses like the Essentials of Oral Surgery Hands-On Cadaver Course can enhance their skills and knowledge, improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of complications during procedures.

You can learn more about the course and register here. We hope to see you in Melbourne on the 6th of May to join in this essential hands-on cadaver course.


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