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Clear Aligner Courses


While most clear aligner courses only focus on the theory, these courses provide some much needed hands on experience. Suitable for anyone who uses ANY system.

Essentials of Paediatric Dentistry


Learn how to deal with the difficult child patient. If you treat children of any age, then you will learn techniques you can apply right away.

Communications and Case Acceptance

Comms Course.jpeg

Get your patients to say "YES!" instead of "I'll think about it" or "No".

Oral Surgery Courses

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In our premier courses, you will have the opportunity to work under the guidance of our leading oral maxillofacial surgeons.

Essentials of Periodontics

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Join specialist periodontists for a 1-Day lecture and hands on intensive that covers everything from assessment of the periodontally compromised tooth to surgical debridement.

Essentials of Prosthodontics


What do I Crown? ​This course covers the theory in assessing which teeth needs what restoration and when.

Endodontics Courses


Boost your endodontic skills to the NEXT LEVEL with a comprehensive 2-day hands-on intensive.

Essentials of Tax and Law in Dentistry


Too often, we hear “We weren’t taught this at Uni!” If you are in the dark around your Tax and Legal obligations as a dentist, then this course is for you.

University Talks

How to Land Yohr Dream Job.jpg

Are you a final year dental student, about to graduate and not sure how to land that dream job? ​ This FREE seminar is specifically designed to assist you through this traditionally stressful period with a smooth transition from university into working life.

Direct Restorative

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Essentials of Dental Photography


Join Dr. Michael Mandikos and Dr. Camelia Maris in an AHC – CEO collaborative at ‘Essentials of Dental Photography’.

Wealth Management for Dentists 


Congratulations! You are now a dentist! You are uniquely placed to have almost infinite earning potential. This unique course that will cover the principles you need to know to manage this potential! 

The Dental Summit



TDS23 is a conference that aspires to bring together some of the greatest minds in dentistry to share with you their knowledge and enthusiasm so that you too can

reach your summit.

Course Guide
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