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Elevate Your Skills: Wisdom Tooth Removal Hands-On Course for Dentists Australia-Wide - Express Your

Are you a dental professional eager to enhance your expertise in wisdom tooth removal? Australian Hands On Courses (AHC) presents an unparalleled opportunity with our Wisdom Tooth Hands-On Course, designed for newcomers to dentistry and seasoned clinicians seeking to refine their skills.

wisdom tooth removal

In this course, we explore the key details of this intensive educational experience. Expressing your interest is a strategic move for your professional development, so don't wait and express your interest today!

Wisdom Tooth Removal Bootcamp

AHC's Wisdom Tooth Hands-On Course is not just a workshop; it's a comprehensive bootcamp encompassing both theory and hands-on components. Split into two levels, this two-day intensive covers essential and advanced aspects of wisdom tooth extraction.

Level 1 dives into intense theory sessions, guiding you through indications for extraction, pre-operative assessments, clinical planning, and the management of potential complications.

The afternoon is hands-on, with model training covering flap design, bone guttering, tooth sectioning, delivery, and suturing techniques.

Guided Live Patient Surgery

Level 2 elevates the experience, offering a day of guided live patient surgery. With a morning spent assessing patient imaging and planning surgeries alongside oral maxillofacial surgeons, attendees delve into the intricacies of clinical scenarios.

Divided into three groups, participants rotate through the roles of clinician, assistant, and observer, actively engaging in the removal of four wisdom teeth while assisting and observing additional procedures. Each clinical bay is supervised by a dedicated oral maxillofacial surgeon, ensuring both patient safety and maximum clinical training.

Why Attend and Who Should Apply?

This course is a game-changer for those wanting to step confidently into wisdom tooth removal practices. Whether you're new to dentistry or an experienced clinician seeking to bolster your skill set, this hands-on experience equips you with the knowledge and confidence to perform safe and effective extractions.

Level 2 attendees must complete Level 1 training, providing a structured progression for participants.

Express Your Interest Today

Embark on a transformative journey in wisdom tooth removal with Australian Hands On Courses. This intensive educational experience promises not just CPD points but a wealth of knowledge and practical skills.

Expressing your interest in this course is a strategic move to keep pace with evolving dental practices and refine your proficiency. Don't miss out on this opportunity – register your interest today and stay ahead in the world of wisdom tooth removal.

For further education, improved skills in wisdom tooth removal, and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved, expressing your interest in the Wisdom Tooth Hands-On Course is the first step towards professional excellence. Seize the opportunity – register today and unlock a new dimension in your dental career.


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