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Unlocking the Essentials of Paediatric Dentistry - Melbourne Dental Courses

Enhancing your skills and knowledge in paediatric dentistry is crucial for providing the best care to young patients. We are thrilled to present the Essentials of Paediatric Dentistry Hands-On Course, taking place on 29th July in Melbourne at the Henry Schein Training Centre.

This course is designed to equip dental professionals with essential techniques to handle difficult child patients and improve their clinical outcomes. Join us for an engaging and educational event that will elevate your paediatric dentistry expertise. Register now to secure your spot!

Female dentist showing young dental patient a dental tool

About the Event

As a dental professional, improving your interactions with paediatric patients is of utmost importance. Our hands-on course will serve as an introduction to paediatric dentistry, providing you with the tools and techniques to effectively handle the most common presentations in young patients. From restorative paediatric dentistry to molar-incisor hypomineralisation and dental trauma, this course covers it all.

Highlights of the Course

1. Hands-On Training:

Gain valuable hands-on experience by learning the most efficient and successful techniques for placing stainless steel crowns and trauma splints. Our paediatric expert specialists, Drs Tim Keys and Sarah Dumais Pelletier will guide you through these practical sessions, ensuring you leave with enhanced skills and confidence.

2. Comprehensive Lectures and Case Studies:

Drs Tim Keys and Sarah Dumais Pelletier will deliver engaging lectures and present real-life case studies, providing valuable insights into paediatric dentistry. You'll learn how to examine and treat paediatric patients, explore minimally invasive dentistry approaches, master effective communication with parents, and receive a thorough review of molar-incisor hypomineralisation and dental trauma.

The Difficulties of Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry presents unique challenges for dental professionals. Treating young patients requires a delicate balance of technical expertise, communication skills, and a deep understanding of child psychology.

Children may exhibit dental anxiety, fear or have difficulty cooperating during procedures, making the treatment process complex. Dentists specialising in paediatric dentistry must navigate these challenges with patience and compassion, creating a comfortable and child-friendly environment.

From managing behavioural issues to addressing the specific oral health needs of growing children, paediatric dentistry demands a comprehensive approach. However, with the proper training and techniques, dental professionals can overcome these difficulties and provide optimal care for their young patients. The Essentials of Paediatric Dentistry Hands-On Course is an invaluable opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in paediatric dentistry.

Register Now

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the essentials of paediatric dentistry. Join us on 29th July in Melbourne at the Henry Schein Training Centre for a comprehensive course featuring expert speakers, hands-on training, and informative lectures. Participating in this event will give you the confidence and expertise needed to provide exceptional care to your young patients. Register now to secure your spot and take your skills to the next level.


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