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A Comprehensive Course on Aligners for Dentists

Course on Aligners

In the dynamic landscape of orthodontics, dental aligners have emerged as a popular choice for patients seeking a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. 

As the demand for aligner treatments continues to rise, it becomes imperative for dentists to stay abreast of the latest techniques and advancements in aligner technology. 

Joining a specialised course on aligners can be a transformative step for dental professionals, offering insights and skills beyond routine practice.

Mastering the Art of Aligner Techniques

The foundation of any successful aligner treatment lies in the meticulous execution of various techniques. Drs Jeffrey Kho and Katherine Wang bring forth a unique and intensive hands-on course that covers a myriad of topics essential for aligner success. 

From manual and mechanical methods of Interproximal Reduction (IPR) to the intricate process of attachment and flash removal, the course ensures a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals.

Aligner treatments often encounter challenges that require troubleshooting skills. The course delves into troubleshooting techniques, equipping dentists with the knowledge to identify and rectify issues that may impede the progress of a case. 

The invaluable insights shared in this course are not limited to a specific aligner system; rather, they can be applied universally across various systems available in the market, making it an investment with widespread applicability.

Navigating Complex Cases with Precision

The course extends beyond basic aligner principles, addressing complex cases that may deviate from the norm. Participants will explore advanced topics such as using composite buttons and chains for excess space closure, bonding a Biomechanical Repositioning Appliance (BLR), and adding composite overlays to assist with derotation. Dimple pliers, a versatile tool in orthodontics, are also covered extensively, providing dentists with the skills to confidently address challenging cases.

The derotation of a canine with buttons and chains to a molar is a technique explored in detail, offering practical insights into managing intricate scenarios. Removing buttons and attachments, a critical aspect of the treatment process is covered comprehensively, along with polishing cement to ensure a seamless finish. The course goes even further by addressing the often-overlooked "deband" appointment and discussing the strategic timing of teeth whitening and its impact on bond strength.

Aligner Hacks for Optimal Results

In the evolving field of orthodontics, staying ahead often requires innovative approaches and aligner hacks. Drs Kho and Wang provide a platform for dentists to explore these hacks, offering solutions to common challenges and presenting strategies to optimise results. 

From utilising bracket removers to troubleshoot relapse issues to understanding the optimal verbiage for case closure, participants gain a repertoire of skills that set them apart in aligner treatments.

Elevate Your Practice with Aligner Mastery

This course promises to unlock vital information behind aligner treatments, providing dentists with the tools to navigate complex cases, troubleshoot effectively, and employ innovative hacks for optimal results. 

As the landscape of orthodontics continues to evolve, aligner mastery emerges as a cornerstone for dental professionals, ensuring a progressive and successful practice in the years to come.

Set your dental clinic up for success and register your interest for our hands-on aligner course today. 


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